Petah-Jane is an entrepreneur and business coach with a passion for holistic wellbeing.

For the last decade, she has developed a reputation as a powerful and successful Blue Diamond leader with doTERRA, after experiencing the effects of deep grief, and finding immediate relief an essential oil blend – and that was it! She knew right there she had to carry this message of healing to the world.

PJ felt the call, right at that moment. And it hasn’t left her.

As a deeply wise, gifted and sought after teacher for her knowledge of healing and essential oils, PJ has committed to her path with over a decade running workshops globally, both online and face to face. She is an accredited and certified healing practitioner, facilitator and business coaching specialist with a global reach.

Since 2012, Petah-Jane has been conducting transformational bespoke tours to Egypt, as a part of her diverse offering in support of people’s growth and transformation and since her own experience of being saved through the Grace of God, those tours have turned into a biblical tour with great emphasis on the Old Testament.

If you love the sound of working together, reach out today and follow this link to make a booking. Your first consultation is free.

PJ is a warrior for His grace.

 Totally guided by an intimate connection with God, in recent years PJ has evolved away from the New Age path and onto a path with Jesus.

With a lifelong relationship with God, PJ’s mission has always been in service to service to God for the good of humanity. Now, she’s deepened her faith, and commits to do this daily

Like many, she has access to the unique skills and abilities that bless us via the Holy Spirit.

These are the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit, which include faith, healing, wisdom, knowledge, discerning of spirits, prophecy and more. These are the spiritual gifts outlined in the Bible that have been endowed upon many of us to do what He has called us to do, having given us all we need for the accomplishment of His plans in our lives.




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