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Hi, I’m PJ.

Your journey towards your new life begins right here.

An internationally renown entrepreneur with a passion for healing and wellness, my focus is to help empower others who are wanting to learn the benefits of how to heal naturally. 

I’m a Mum to two adult kids on the autism spectrum, with a passion for ancient history, Biblical theology, travelling to sacred lands, essential oils, healing and wellness – educating others as I go.

I’m all about solutions – and helping provide clarity and peace of mind with others who want to help create an impact. 

Join my team today or reach out and lets discuss ways we can work together.

“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 30:17

Choose Your Own Adventure


Utilising the gifts of God’s Grace to all of humanity is one of the greatest blessings. Support your emotional, physical and spiritual healing with the world’s purest essential oils as the basis for a life of healing as we take up arms in this powerful mission: changing the world one heart, one community, one drop at a time.

Its a great honour to be able to help people unlock the healing potential of plants.

Biblical Tours to Egypt 

Experience Egypt through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, as PJ did. She will take you on an amazing spirit quest, on an unforgettable transformational journey you’ll never forget. 

It’s a fascinating land, full of incredible people. We are waiting on you to join us!

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With over 30 years experience coaching individuals and groups, PJ is able to weave grounded guidance, the gift of sight and vision and provide powerful strategic business support tailored to you – because you are your business.

Determine your purpose, refine your why and learn how to gently work tangible outcomes into your business with Grace and integrity.  

Sacred Insights

Dive deeper on topics that are aligned with Christ, the journey of Faith, Healing and Salvation.

My Podcast

Listen along on my podcast for hints and tips on coasting through this massive portal of awakening we are journeying through…