“The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”
– John 3:8


(n) an ancient Latin word Sanctuarium

1: a space for keeping something special, holy or cherished, a place of refuge for the oppressed from a persecuting power;

2: a safe space for protection, safety, immunity for the oppressed from a persecuting power for those who align with sovereign authority;

3: a place to care for people and be with others, in a natural and safe environment.

A spiritually safe space to help you find your peace through the noise right now.

The Sanctuary is a community focused on their spiritual development and a yearning to unlock the power of the Gifts of the Earth to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Join here for essential oil education, events, retreats and webinars as well as free online resources and learn to become a powerful healer in your own right.

Bribie Island

Located 40km North of Brisbane airport, 42kms south of Maroochydore, Yarun (Bribie Island) is a beautiful island escape with incredible, pristine waterways and stunning national parks.

“The Sanctuary” is a rare space nestled right up against a serene waterhole, flushed with an abundance of native wildlife, including Eastern Grey Kangaroos, turtles, frogs and birds ready to welcome you in a symphony of beauty.

As the home to the Joondoburri people in Gubbi Gubbi country for thousands of years Yarun (Bribie Island) was a place of abundance to nurture, feed and support these people for thousands of years.

Reclaim your wellness.

Imagine a journey where you are able to unlock the power of the world’s most pristine essential oils, such sacred Gifts of the Earth!

These stunning, pure essential oils were almost lost to antiquity but are now a staple in the homes of millions around the world, who insist on nothing but the world’s sustainable, most pure, most trusted, most tested essential oils for their wellbeing.

Learn without boundaries.

The Sanctuary will become your hub of knowledge, a powerful community of like-minded souls, and will be the home for all of our online events, workshops, and resources. This is exclusively yours to learn from the best and make incorporating the Gifts of the Earth a part of your daily routine.

Join a supportive community.

An intimate space with a global reach – come and join this beautiful portal and relax in the knowledge you will connect with like minded folks, accessing a wide range of resources to help you make long lasting changes in your world, and the lives of others.

Join us!

Join PJ at The Sanctuary at Bribie Island for a workshop, for a treatment, for education, and relaxation. This is a space of respite for the soul.

Can’t join me in person? No worries join me in my specially designed online space, specifically created for you to join with like-minded community in the Sanctuary. It’s just what the world needs right now!