Ready to uplevel and lead a more fulfilled life?

Ready to up level and lead a more fulfilled life?

Do you remember the dreams you had years ago, of making the world a better place?

Did the people around you suggest you needed to focus on ‘reality’ and get a ‘real job’. So you did.

And now you feel unfulfilled, you feel stuck, and out of alignment

Paying the bills, looking after the family, nothing is ever done and the thought of starting a new business.

Yeah, I get it.

You get to choose your path.

While I know so many are in the process of quitting their jobs and looking for something different, many are also afraid.

This is the prime opportunity to shift into purpose right now, and maybe an invitation to pursue our dreams, yet how many of you will continue on the heartless path without soul? If you are the point where you see this time as an opportunity then you are in the right place! You can meet your obligations and lead a fulfilling life of joy and freedom.

And you get to choose your path.

You have a right to chase your passion, find your purpose, and leave the world in a better place than you found it. There’s no need to live another moment crushed and unfulfilled and searching.

I know I was destined for more when I found doTERRA.

I knew I could leverage the opportunities having found the worlds most beautiful, most pure, most authentic essential oils, harvested with love and integrity.

A company that holds enormous value in their relationships be it with us, as wellness advocates, with our grower partners, with the regulatory authorities and between themselves.

Every single day we are given examples of how to model the right behaviours to see a changed world. When I joined I realised I was able to use this as a vehicle to truly make a difference and change lives, starting with my own.

While I had a lot of resistance doing this as a business (my head didn’t want this), my heart had other ideas. Working with doTERRA isn’t a whim, it is a soul calling that only a few are called forth to do. But those that do, who put the work in, who dig in in difficult times, and who are willing to recreate themselves truly have something special to help them create a true legacy.

I can help you create this as well.

Do you have to do this full time?

Absolutely not .

Do I have to do this as a business?

No, you can choose your adventure with me by choosing your own pathway.

You get to use the oils, share the oils with friends and loved ones or build it into a genuine, thriving business.