But do I have to ‘sell’ doTERRA?

You absolutely don’t. There are three distinct paths on this beautiful journey of return to the inner sense.

Pathway One:

This is the beauty of what we do. We have the capacity to ‘do doTERRA’ any way we wish – you can use the amazing products for yourself, and enjoy them confidently knowing they are superior in every way imaginable, with the purest, most exquisite oils on the planet that are focused on helping everyone on their path. You are a valued customer. Learn more about the customer path here.

Pathway Two:

But more and more what tends to happen, is that as your life is gradually changed as a result of having these stunning essential oils at hand, and as you learn to use them and understand the myriad ways in which they work, you will naturally want to tell others how they have benefited you. have the option of sharing with family and friends, and that’s wonderful. You also have the benefit of being rewarded for this, which is fair. Over time, you will find that your essential oils orders are paid for and that is an absolute blessing. You’re a precious sharer. See the top 10 tips for sharing the oils right here.

Pathway Three:

This is where you yourself have had some life changing ‘oil moments’ with God’s grace – undeniable events where you have used an oil and miraculously, the issue is no longer a problem, and is at least managed if not totally resolved. That always makes my heart sing! This path has you as someone who identifies with the greater mission of doTERRA which is all about helping others and giving back. It is the greatest journey of self discovery you could ever imagine! You are a visionary and a builder! Find more about the journey here. So, be you customer, sharer or builder, you are truly a valued part of my team, and you will be supported in your goals, every step of the way! Need to make a call to discuss? I’d love to hear from you – go ahead and make a time in my calendar here.