Co Impact Sourcing – why does this matter?

doTERRA’s Co Impact Sourcing is what makes doTERRA the world’s best essential oil company. Not only is doTERRA’s essential oil the purest, most potent and most trusted essential oils, worldwide, doTERRA has been committed about contributing to the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who are involved in our essential oil distribution supply chain.

The doTERRA founders know the names of every member of their community, they know their kids, they support the small scale farmers and harvesters in notoriously impoverished areas, and support them with sustainable and ethical initiatives from over 45 countries.

The contributions include social impact initiatives, long term mutually beneficial supplier partnerships, creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable incomes for families located in under developed areas. They pay on time and in many cases same day, they even pre-pay if needed.

Far from being ‘just another corporate’ tipping its hat to sustainability as so many other companies are, doTERRA have employees in and on the ground, working shoulder to shoulder to help them thrive. No other essential oil company does that.

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