Is this a viable business?

Is this a viable business?

The short answer is absolutely.

The long answer is probably what you want to hear – so let me tell you a story.

Back in 2011, my second abusive marriage came to a screaming halt with a non-lethal strangle from my ex husband. I journeyed through the wilderness over the next 18 months with two teenage children on the autism spectrum, both (at that stage) at private schools and naturally our lives changed significantly. Just two weeks before I met my husband my ever-so-supportive corporate role suddenly ended and became not so supportive. And although I had a small redundancy payout, enough to pay back the expensive private school fees I was now paying on my own. I met the man who is now my husband and although he was a wonderful provider, there was something in me that felt I never wanted to be in a situation where I was relying on my partner financially again, but this wasn’t the real driver. The real driver was a desire to be a true example to my children. I wanted to have something I could create that was all my own, that meant that I could be home for them in their teen years, that could build and literally become a legacy. But all I knew was Human Resources and corporate offices, as this is what I had done, apart from home making over the past 30 years. But I wanted to create something that would contribute to the world, that would allow me to work on my passion, work for myself, give me ultimate flexibility, and ultimately be something I could leave behind for my children – they deserved that much.

That word, ‘legacy’ became a powerful theme for my life ever since. Not only is it possible to create a business with doTERRA, but unlike many businesses that tank in its first three years, this is a business that is sustainable, flexible and it gives back – for real! When I started to understand what lay beneath this incredible opportunity, I was absolutely blown away and to think that I have created this myself, with a team of over 6,000 people in more than 30 countries around the world, simply by following a super simple formula where we use the oils, share the oils and inspire others to do the same is truly humbling.

We have an outstanding compensation plan, where you are continually rewarded for sharing the oils with others you love. We do this in numerous ways, either online, face to face at events and workshops that are inclusive, and supportive. 

You can earn a little, or create an empire, and the entire time you are earning with doTERRA you are also growing as person. DoTERRA pride themselves on not only being an essential oil company, but a science and research company and personal development company, all rolled into one. It is truly outstanding.

It is a direct selling organisation. They determined long ago, that the best way to get oils into the homes of others, and to change lives was to create knee-to-knee opportunities. Direct selling has been around since the 1800s and has empowered millions of women worldwide, honouring their role at home AND giving them the power to out earn their peers and their family members. Unlike other companies, doTERRA set out to create a FAIR compensation plan where time spent is the reward you can expect to receive. Unlike illegal ‘pyramid’ schemes, doTERRA gives you the opportunity and rewards to share.

Once I started to see the potential with this business, it was as if God was speaking to me in my heart. I will never forget it. Mentally I did not want to do this as a business, my ego definitely didn’t want me getting involved ‘what would people think of me’? But there was this push from my soul – some kind of

So I was aware of this when I began, as I had attempted to create something with ‘similar’ businesses (designed to work against you), I had written it off as something I was not interested in. Turns out that I was just like 85% of Diamonds and above globally in doTERRA all of whom felt there was no way they would do this as a business. So if you are reading this far, there’s hope yet!

Once I found my feet with it, I was Elite in my first 4 weeks (that’s about 10 people – and yet I told everyone I didn’t know anybody lol). I was Silver in 4 months, and flew to Salt Lake for my first Convention. That was make or break. I remember thinking if I hate this, I will be out. Well, since then I have been to not only Global Convention 7 times, and Australian Convention 7 times, I’ve also been to Europe Convention twice to support our European team who we are so incredibly proud of!

Within 7 months, we turned Platinum (earning around $8000/month) helping our dear friends Vanessa & Paul become Australia’s first Presidential Diamonds, and within 17 months, we were walking the carpet as Diamonds earning around $12,000 a month. At the 2nd year mark, we were also celebrating going Blue Diamond. It was amazing and since we have been either Diamond or Blue Diamond most months since 2015. Truly, truly the most extraordinary ride imaginable.

Oh, and the best part about this? I absolutely did create a legacy to be proud of. I was able to help not only my own family, but thousands of other families in the process. I was able to support my dreams of creating a viable tour business to Egypt, I was able to sponsor an Egyptian family and make life easier for them by building them a home and contributing to their daughter’s education. I was able to sponsor Australia’s first Healing Hands project with doTERRA (Healing Hands Bunbury) and I was able to help create an incredible initiative, winning the 2020 Hope Award Something wonderful that I modelled for my kids who are so proud of me, seeing the tangible results of what I was doing every month. I am earning an income of my own that is contributing to the bottom line of our home as we smash our financial goals (we are entirely debt free), we have travelled the world, visiting with growers, distillers and enjoying incredible retreats, cruises and professional development that is world class. I earn an the an income that I am so incredibly proud of;  a strong, healthy and vibrant home with no or low toxins in these times which are all focused on natural solutions (yes!), and we are able to focus on self-care guilt free!

All you need to get started is your wholesale account and no matter where you live around the world, you can join my team for a host of benefits including:

And you can still earn commission, as you share with friends, neighbours and the family around you. 

Excited? Me too – reach out to me here and we’ll make a time to discuss your options and work out whether this is a fit for you too!