Managing The Stress Of The Season

You know how it is, the rush around, the pressure to spend, the sideshow that goes with Christmas, I hear you. Kids to indulge, Aunt Maud who always has too much to say, and how is Christmas even relevant after the debacle the last couple of years has been.

I felt to put together this guide to give you some support during the coming weeks and help you out the other side to a brand new year of intention and calm, bring on emotional and physical healing and bless others, literally with the most sacred of gifts from the Earth.

Those wise men sure were on the ball!


Overindulgence is the usual shadow side of the season of giving. Too much burden, too much money, too many toys and way too much Christmas pudding. Add to that the discussion with the jabbed, unjabbed, shallow conversations that touch on every other topic except the hot ones, add a splash of alcohol and its a recipe for disaster over the Solstice if you ask me.

Whether you choose to connect with those who took the leap (or didn’t), lets get back to what’s important with a divine blend that is going to ensure that you are able to stay centred, stay grounded and uplifted through what’s bound to be a complex period for most of us.

Holiday Peace

To start with, I love Holiday Peace for its uplifting, inspired and refreshing scent enough to shift negativity gracefully out of the room.

Watch the negative moods dissolve with this powerful combination of Siberian Fir, Grapefruit Peel, Douglas Fir, Himalayan Fir, Frankincense and Vetiver. These exquisite essential oils work to help destress, bring in a sense of calm and peace, and with oils like the Trees and Frankincense, it’s just a good blend to have at Christmas time to bring in a new sense of tranquility.

Try it diffused, use topically with your fractionated coconut oil and maybe add just one more drop of Frankincense, because why not – I use 10-15 drops in a room spray to add an extra touch to the room, and a few drops on the tree itself to get rid of the musty odours and create a beautiful feel.


Frankincense – Recommended by Wise Men of the Middle East this sacred essential oil is the basis of almost every Biblical blend God commanded in the Bible.

As one of the ingredients God instructed the Israelites to use for the blend within the tabernacle, Frankincense is renown for its powerful healing properties. Loaded with monoterpenes, this is an essential oil that helps reprogram cellular memory (read that again), helps with cognitive functioning and trauma, and stimulates the immune system. It might be Biblical, but as you know, we are living in Biblical times right now.

Use it every single day – under the tongue, in your diffuser, on the back of your neck (near the spinal column) for protection and support. There’s not enough that can be said about Frankincense, it’s known as the Oil of Truth – God’s hand at work. But ours is not an everyday Frankincense, it is a blend of 4 different varietals from Somalia, Oman, and Ethiopia where doterra is doing incredible work on the ground to help the growers and distillers in that region.

Look at this recent study here >>


Myrrh – mainly because it’s not right to do Christmas without both.

Frankincense is well known in essential oil circles, but less known for some. Why was it so important? What significance did this and the Frankincense have for the baby Jesus? Firstly can I say it scares me what I see written on the internet where people have zero clue about the purpose of these essential oils in people’s lives – they have a powerful spiritual significance, as well as an emotional one.

Myrrh’s name means “Door Opening” in Hebrew and this was the essential oil that was used at Jesus’ birth and at his death on the crucifix. Mentioned in Matthew 2:11 where the infant Jesus was gifted Myrrh a powerful healing resin, that was more expensive than Gold, known for its amazing properties that support the skin, kills harmful bacteria, and can be used as a powerful oral treatment (which is how it is still used today in the Middle East), it helps with wound healing and pain and swelling, kills off mold, and is extremely supportive for and digestive issues.

This amazing essential oil is the Oil of Mother Earth – helping with developing trust, feeling loved, secure and groundedness. Recent study here >>

Holiday Joy

Can’t really do Holiday Peace and not speak of Holiday Joy – such a beautiful Festive blend, with the warm of Wild Orange, Clove, Cassia, Siberian Fir, Frankincense, Benzoin, Ginger, Peru Balsam and Cistus!!

Many of these oils were used in ancient times, to help with feeling aligned to the Word of God, Ginger, being so sweet and spicy works so well with Clove and Cassia! With Cistus being released for the very first time as a single oil (which I am very excited about) this month, this stunning essential oil is a powerful healer in its own right. This blend is about personal empowerment, self-assuredness, and courage. Something we absolutely need in these challenging times.


Don’t even try to do Christmas without Digestzen. If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and you have pushed the barrow just a little bit too far. If you are someone who is inclined to bite off more than they can choose and feel just a little bit overwhelmed (wait – are we talking pudding or life here?).

This is the power of this blend, it is a vibrant, synergistic blend, designed to support the digestive tract back to health after being satiated with alcohol, rich food, too many carbs and regretting that extra serve to keep Mum happy. Equally this is a blend that helps one break down the challenges we experience on a day to day basis, and go slowly with breaks between mouthfuls. And remember, its not necessary to eat the whole plate!

Have you got your favourite essential oil blend or single that you love? What’s working for you in the Christmas period?