The Journey of the Healer

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 (NIV)

Never was this more needed than it is right now, with all of the chaos and crazy going on out there, we are reminded that He heals the brokenhearted. Maybe you can relate to that.

Think of the journey we have been on the last 2 years together: the massive changes and experiences so many have endured in the world we find ourselves in today. When we speak about healing, we can sometimes feel daunted by the prospect.

Is this not a new age term for God’s work?

Is it real if it can’t be seen?

Is there a scientific justification for the work we cannot see and of course, how can we trust the science?

All valid questions.

Healing takes a physical form, an emotional form and a spiritual one and while science plays catchup with the profound simplicities and realities of the science behind essential oils, we are reminded that at a holistic level, essential oils (good ones) have proven the test of time for thousands of years. Plants are God’s gift to us and the oils are his sacred gifts of the Earth.

Join me this month when we are taking a deeper look at Love in all its forms. And I think this has not come a moment too soon. Back in Ancient Times, the Greeks referred to 7 kinds of Love: Eros – the romantic passionate love to which February 14th attributes its fame; Philia – an intimate and authentic friendship that is all about the soul bonds we can experience with others; Ludus: playful, love often associated with infatuation. Storge – unconditional familial love the kid you would experience with your sister or perhaps patriotism towards your country or a movement you’re involved with; Philautia – self-love and care with some beautiful guidance on how to connect with yourself once more, being totally present with yourself but that is in danger of blowing out to self-absorption with pleasure and fame-seeking as someone who is totally infatuated with status. Pragma, a committed companionate love which doesn’t get airplay much, or the more popular AgapĂ© which is the love we might have of God, our Heavenly Father; a deep empathic love towards humanity itself, and the altruism associated with loving and caring for others without any expectations at all.

Keeping all that in check, and addressing all those different kinds of love gives us options when we are stressed and stuck in comparison mode, it helps us lower our expectations of those around us, and helps bring on healing we need at an emotional and spiritual level, and I’m going to show you how to do that with the grace that comes with the use of essential oils, and not just any kind – the world’s purest kind! And there’s only one brand I’ll use.

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galations 5:22-23)

From an education perspective, if you feel inclined, I’d love you to join me in February where we are going to go on a deep deep dive with essential oils, helping us discover that Healer Within which is designed to help you move forward and share with others in the process.

Having some trouble getting some alignment?

We’ve already started Mindset Mondays and this is a joy to do (for me as well), it helps me focus and set some intentions in a world where hour by hour seems to slip from side to side. My weeks are not perfect, I can tell you that, but these Mindset Mondays are helping me align right. I hope you’re finding this also.

Are you needing to brush up on your knowledge of the Business?

Are you struggling with the basics and maybe don’t know where to start? First things first, and that’s coming along to Doing Business with PJ – a wonderful insight into what is involved with a doTERRA business, guidance on how to create this business in uncertain times, and some mindset and motivation to help you align with the intentions you’ve set for yourself, already.

Emotions are where it’s at right now. Emotional Healing and Essential Oils is a magnificent weekly workshop (because I have learned that there’s no way I can fit practical healing strategies into one two-hour workshop when I have a global business! So by popular demand, I’ll be facilitating some space for you to connect at this free workshop. You’ll be able to learn what it is to alleviate stress, manage moods, and learn how to create powerful shifts in the buffeting winds of change we are experiencing for your, your families and loved ones.

You can see all events for February here.

Are you missing the builder sessions we used to do? Me too. I have a tonne of free workshops that are group-focused, and one on one as well. As always, all are free. It gives me great joy to be able to offer any of these for you to develop the confidence to learn more about your oils and also join other like-minded souls who are also discovering the joy of the healing that comes through these sacred gifts of the Earth. Register for any of those workshops here:

NEWSFLASH: I have two brand new podcasts and next week there’ll be a 3rd focused solely on essential oils! Because you guys are loving the Podcasts and I am really enjoying doing them for you! You can see my podcasts here.

NEW: Spotify Playlist. For the Month of February I have created something super fun for you to enjoy – an essential oil playlist. Yes this was wild and I’ll be adding to it where I can find … there was even a song called Apoptosis which I loved but you HAVE to listen to the Oregano song by Chilli Gonzales!! Go here.

I have deliberately chosen these songs as a bit of an Apothecary of Sound, to help you chill, relax, journal, and pray to help you find peace this February!

Hope you can join me, can’t wait to see you there!